Important Kastia Official Forum Rules

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Mar 27, 2021
New Jersey
Hello Kastians,

This thread covers all of the rules on Kastia's forums. If you have a suggestion to add to the list please contact an administrator.

It's important that these rules are followed to ensure that our forum is kept as clean as possible.

We operate a warning point system, with these punishments being issued at certain thresholds:
  • 3 Warning Points: 1 Week Restriction
  • 5 Warning Points: 1 Month Restriction
  • 8 Warning Points: 3 Month Restriction
  • 10 Warning Points: Permanent Restriction

Warning Points: 1

Posting minimal words without meaningful conversation or without adding anything to the content of the topic in question. (eg. "first", "k", "agree", "up")

Warning Points: 1

Messages that are the same or similar in nature being posted in rapid succession.

Warning Points: 1

The posting of content on a post that has been inactive for 2 weeks. This is replying to any thread that has not been recently posted on within the last 14 days. This rule applies to the entire forums when needed, but is usually completely relaxed in the 'Off-Topic,' 'Suggestion' or 'Guide' sections.

Troll Applications, Posts etc.
Warning Points: 5

Accounts, posts, and applications made solely to cause trouble, upset, or waste time, will be removed. The owner's main account will receive the punishment. Staff reserve the right to determine and define what exactly counts as a "troll" post, application or account. Clickbait titles will be counted under this clause.

Post Farming
Warning Points: 2

Creation of unnecessary posts, usually in order to obtain a post count. This also usually occurs in succession.

Warning Points: 3

To continually hound a player or staff member, especially on similar subjects, after being asked to stop. Unrequited sexual advances, implications, or references to non-consensual sexual acts fall under this category.

Inappropriate Content
Warning Points: 3

Any discussion or linked content (sexual, pornographic, grotesque, horror links, or otherwise) deemed inappropriate for public view.

Offensive Language // Slurs // Discrimination
Warning Points: 3

Speech that contains harmful language that may cause discomfort, utilizing someone's age, gender, name, sexual preference, beliefs, political stance, medical conditions, or anything similar for the sake of degradation.

Warning Points: 10

Advertising full IP’s with or without additional information with the sole intention of diverting players to another server. Any IP that looks like an actual IP, regardless if it is a joke or not, may be met with the same punishment.
NOTE: If player is new and clearly only here to advertise the IP, ban will be permanent.

Other punishable offences
  • Suicidal Encouragement
    • Any statement that can be interpreted to suggest harmful action against another player in real life, joking or otherwise. This includes lethal drinking suggestions, or other dangerous activities. Graphic mentions of self-harm or suicide are also disallowed under this rule.
  • IRL Threats
    • Any statement that can be interpreted to threaten harmful action against another player, or their family, friends, property and pets, in real life, joking or otherwise.
  • DDOS Threats and Hack Threats
    • Any threatening message, joking or not, that has to do with hacking into another player’s account or the server itself (such as Minecraft accounts, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or maliciously interfering with another player's connection.
  • Releasing Personal Information
    • Releasing personal information about someone without their consent. This includes, but is not limited to, last names, age, social media, address [work or residential], IP Addresses, etc. It does NOT matter if the information released is contained within the player's username or faction name - ASK before releasing any kind of personal details about someone else.
Excessive offences will be punished upon at the discretion of the administration team.
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