Important Kastia Official Forum Rules

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Hello Kastians,

This thread covers all of the rules on Kastia's forums. If you have a suggestion to add to the list please contact an administrator.

It's important that these rules are followed to ensure that our forum is kept as clean as possible.

We operate a warning point system, with these punishments being issued at certain thresholds:
  • 3 Warning Points: 1 Week Restriction
  • 5 Warning Points: 1 Month Restriction
  • 8 Warning Points: 3 Month Restriction
  • 10 Warning Points: Permanent Restriction

Warning Points: 1

Posting minimal words without meaningful conversation or without adding anything to the content of the topic in question. (eg. "first", "k", "agree", "up")

Warning Points: 1

Messages that are the same or similar in nature being posted in rapid succession.

Warning Points: 1

The posting of content on a post that has been inactive...