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Important Kastia Official Forum Rules

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Hello Kastians,

This thread covers all of the rules on Kastia's forums. If you have a suggestion to add to the list please contact an administrator.

It's important that these rules are followed to ensure that our forum is kept as clean as possible.

We operate a warning point system, with these punishments being issued at certain thresholds:
  • 3 Warning Points: 1 Week Restriction
  • 5 Warning Points: 1 Month Restriction
  • 8 Warning Points: 3 Month Restriction
  • 10 Warning Points: Permanent Restriction
Warning Points: 1

Posting minimal words without meaningful conversation or without adding anything to the content of the topic in question. (eg. "first", "k", "agree", "up")

Warning Points: 1

Messages that are the same or similar in nature being posted in rapid succession.

Warning Points: 1

The posting of content on a post that has been inactive...

Update What's Been Going On...

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Hey there Kastians,

For the past few months we've left you in the dark, that is 100% my fault. I've become very busy recently with a new job so I haven't had too much time to put into the server. I've slept on many different ideas on a direction I'd like to take Kastia. So today I'm going to make a poll for you guys to vote on. Over the past few months I've thought about the history of Kastia, how it started, where it all went wrong. I've been trying to rebuild what Kastia was when I should have been thinking of it's future. So this brings us to a cross-path of where we should go.

Should we turn Kastia into its own RPG style, stand-alone game? Or should we keep Kastia on the minecraft platform and produce the old games of Kastia as well as new ones. The idea of Kastia being its own stand-alone game is a huge step and I would like to take a moment to give a brief explanation.

If we were to take the giant step into making Kastia it's own game, it would be 100% community driven, we...
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